Fruits and Vegetables

We carry the freshest fruits and vegetables from America and around the world at extremely competitive prices. Imagine that, fresher fruits and veggies at lower prices!

Did you know? The question "The tomato: is it a fruit, or is it a vegetable?" found its way into the United States Supreme Court in 1893. The court ruled unanimously in Nix v. Hedden that a tomato is correctly identified as, and thus taxed as, a vegetable, for the purposes of the 1883 Tariff Act on imported produce.

Meats and Cheeses

We chose Dom's Sausage and Butcher Shop to be our flagship supplier of fresh meats because they can supply us with the best meats around and they have the reputation to prove it. Marinated steak tips are among our most popular items.

Cut Flowers

How wonderful would it be to have fresh cut flowers in your house every week? Our beautiful cut flower bouquets allow you to do just that. Our holiday selection will knock your socks off! Our prices usually range from $5.98 per bunch to $9.98. Choose from tulips roses gerber daisies and more. (Selection may vary)

Did you know? To extend the life of your roses, change the water in your vase daily with warm, room-temperature water and add to it a few drops of lemon juice or a small pinch of salt. This will help keep the water clean and bacteria-free.


From breads that are baked fresh daily, to deserts to take home and treats on the go, our bakery has something for everyone!

Did you know? A "baker's dozen" contains "13" and not "12". The term dates back to the 13th century when a baker would be severely punished for short changing a customer. Therefore, to guard against the punishment of losing a hand to an axe, a baker would give 13 for the price of 12, to be certain of not being known as a cheat.

Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets are made to order. We use the freshest seasonal fruits and add a dozen freshly baked cookies in every basket. The larger sizes have even more surprises!

We can size and price fruit baskets for all occasions. Call us today at (781) 944-6010 to place an order.